I am making my niece a story board for school. She is very active in sports, but I want the board to reflect more than just her sporting prowess. Somewhere on the board I want to include a book of sorts that can be fanned out to show a variety of photos of her in different situations than a field or a gym. I will use a brad to keep the pages together, but I am not sure how to attach the book to the board. Can you help? Thank you. Denise
— Denise, OH on Aug 25, 2011

We have a couple options for you, but they depend on if you want to be able to remove the book or not. The first, if you do not need to remove the book, is Super Tape. It's crazy strong and should hold your book, depending on how heavy it is. If you do want to remove your book, the removable velcro strips might be a good option. If the book is quite heavy, we suggest setting it on the table next to the board so you don't run the risk of it ripping off. Hope this helps!