I am looking to purchase a Sew Easy gift set for my best friend. I would like to get her as many products as I can within the budget that we have set. Our budget is $40. I am looking at getting the Sew Easy Handle, Piercing Mat, Carrying Case, and a few Stitch Piercers. I am wondering if the specific products that carry the brand name are completely necessary, like the piercing mat, the needles, and the floss. Can she use the Fiskars two-sided self-healing craft mat, regular needles with a large eye, and regular embroidery floss? (All of which she already has.) If I can aviod purchasing these few items, I would like to look at also getting her a quilling starter set with the extra money in the budget. What would you suggest for that as well? Thank you very much!
— Skidiva, MN on Aug 16, 2011

The Sew Easy products work really well and are meant to work together. The piercing mat has the right amount of resistance and squish so that you get the best results when creating the pattern on your paper. As far as needles and floss, you're probably safe using your own needles and floss, especially if you're trying to stay within a budget. The quilling beginner kit is really great and comes with everything you need to get started. The other quilling kits have adorable shapes and very well written directions, but you'll need the tools in order to use the kits. Hope this helps!