I need double-page layout ideas to purchase my supplies for a trip to Mexico long ago (60s). I don't like the look of stickers but need other fiesta type shapes, designs I can use my Cricut, etc. on. Do you have any ideas for such a layout?
— bruiserbob, TN on Aug 16, 2011

Unfortunately, almost all of the layouts on our website are single pages. However, you could easily mirror a layout or tweak it slightly to create a gorgeous two page spread. The ideas below are just a few to get you started. Here's a link to the Page Maps 2 book (also sold in stores), which has some great ideas and would be a nice addition to any scrapping collection: http://www.archiversannex.com/Page-Maps-2-Memory-Makers-Books-ME-Z5018/default.aspx?PageID=21&CategoryID=144&ProductID=14868&RootCatCode=11900

As far as products are concerned, we carry some Mexico themed items in store and on the Annex, but most are stickers or the like. Some stores might have a Fiesta collection from Reminisce still in stock, but that will vary by store. The Summer Vacation Seasonal cartridge has some tropical travel images, as does the Creative Memories Traveler cartridge. Unfortunately, the Cricut and relating products have been discontinued in our stores. However, there are Cricut products available on the Annex.

Hope this helps get you started!

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