I am having difficulty finding paper to make my Alaska cruise scrapbook. the paper I've found is beautiful scenes of the ocean, a sunset, glaciers -- in other words, all the stuff I have my own photographs of. I would just like to print my own pictures -- 3 or 4 -- to use as the 12x12 paper. I have read online that your store does print out 12x12, as in copy of a layout you particularly like. Do you have the capability of printing from my photo card and making it 12x12? how much is the cost? If I have to print it out at home as big as I can, which would be 8-1/2 x 11, (1) I will have used a lot of my ink to add to the cost of hte process and (2) will it be distorted if you use that print to make a 12x12? Thanks. Kathy
— Kathy Dockery, GA on Aug 11, 2011

The copier we have in stores will print 12 x 12 pages (it prints on larger paper, so you'll have to trim it down). You can either bring in a flash drive with your photo on it or an actual print of the photo. If you bring it in on your flash drive, the photo will have to be sized before you print. We use a version of Photoshop to size our photos. If you bring in an actual photo, just ask a customer service associate to help get you started! Hope this helps!