I recently purchased a Crop-A-Dile. Hvg trouble. Every eyelet gets bent, smashed, crushed, paint chips off or pieces splinter off. Even got 2 diff. brands thinking one might be bad batch. Thinking the huge Big Bite Cropadile might be better, got it, & same thing happens w/the eyelets. I hv tried ez to hard pressure, nothing works. Any suggestions would be helpful.
— DRae, TX on Aug 09, 2011

We suggest applying very light pressure when squeezing the Crop-a-Dile or the Big Bite. The eyelets shouldn't be ruined. It could be the metal that the eyelets are made of. Some are set easier than others, depending on how hard the metal is. Also make sure that your settings are correct on either tool. The tools should have come with directions on how to set eyelets depending on the size of the eyelet. You can always bring your tools into your local Archiver's and they'll be more than happy to help you find the right settings! Hope this helps!