Hi Robin! I've scrapbooked for a number of years but have not done a good job of labeling my albums. Most of my albums are blue and a marker probably wouldn't show up. Could you provide some suggestions on how to label the spine of the albums? Thanks!
— Kathy, MN on Aug 09, 2011

Here are a couple of suggestions for labeling your albums. Alphabet stickers would be an easy way to title the album, however, you might need to use a stronger adhesive so they really stick to the album. You could also create your own label, using a die cut, decorative scissors, or a border punch and some patterned paper or cardstock. Super Tape is really strong and will adhere just about anything to the spine of your album. You could also use Super Tape to adhere a label holder, such as this one from 7Gypsies: http://www.archiversannex.com/Artist-Tray-Label-Holders-2X5-4/Pkg-7G-LH/default.aspx?PageID=21&CategoryID=87&ProductID=24052&SPG=3&RootCatCode=11450

Hope this helps!