Hi Robin, My husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary dinner at a local restaurant, and are already looking forward to our 30th wedding anniversary! We are thinking of a trip to Hawaii in the winter of 2016, and would like to invite close friends/family to join us on a dinner cruise (we would pay for the dinner cruise). We are thinking of including a little note with our 2011 Christmas card/letter telling them about a dinner cruise in Hawaii in 2016, and would like some suggestions for what would be the best way to present this. Thanks. Linda
— Linda, MN on Aug 02, 2011

Here are a few ideas we have for you, which will hopefully give you some inspiration:

1. It could be as easy as including a small note, maybe with a cute cruise-themed stamp on it.
2. Make a sign that says "Join us for dinner...in Hawaii?" (or something along those lines) and take a picture of you and your husband holding it. Include this in your letter.
3. Create your own, or use a die cut, to make a boat and write "Join us for dinner" (or something like that) on it.
4. Santa on a surfboard? :)

Keep it fun! Everyone will probably be just tickled that you're inviting them to be a part of your 30th anniversary (congratulations on the 25th!). It can be as simple as including a small note or a picture, or you can go all out and create a fun crafty piece to include. Hope this gives you a bit of inspiration!