I just bought an 8x8 scrapbook with a cloth cover and it is very plain, I would like to customize it for a baby theme. I was thinkikng about sewing a slip on cover or perhaps gluing on felt pieces, but I want it to look proffesional, not tacky. Do you have any ideas about how I could do this?
— aparker1990, IL on Jul 30, 2011

Unfortunately, we do not have any experience with sewing covers for albums, but it sounds like an awesome idea! If you decide to go that route, pick fabric that fits the theme or matches the baby's room. Sometimes less is more when decorating and embellishing albums and projects. Choose embellishments, again, that fit the theme of your album and maybe just put them in a corner or on one spot. You'll also want to use a fabric glue to be sure that everything stays put. Hope this helps!