I have purchased The Orginal Scrapbox. It makes it very easy to put away supplies when I am finished with a project. I have labeled all the cubbies, however storing/finding 12x12 paper is extremely challenging, especially when just the right shade of color is needed. I have a very small area for artwork creations and used the clear plastic stacking shelves for storing paper(which I still had the same issue) before I purchased the scrapbox. What suggestions do you have for the best way to store 12x12 paper?
— glynneva1, KY on Jul 26, 2011

Storage definitely depends on the space you have available. Some people use wire racks to store paper, others use plastic storage totes, while other use plastic pockets. We have a number of storage options available in stores and on the Annex. It really does depend on the space you have to work with, and what you want to use to store your paper. Here are a few links to products we have on the Annex:




Do you have your papers organized by color? That might make it easier to find the paper you're looking for and keeps everything nice and organized. Hope this helps!