Hello, again. My nephew plays high school baseball and it seems to me that baseball "stuff" is few and far between or very old. Any suggestions for how to emphasis his love for the sport without true baseball embillshments? Do people no longer scrap sports? Our lss does not carry any sports stuff and Michael's and Hobby Lobby are few and far between. Thanks for any help. Can you send examples of what to do or give me suggestions of where to go? Kim Harpole Georgetown, Kentucky
— Kim, KY on Jul 26, 2011

Here are a few links to baseball products on the Annex:





Try searching "baseball" on the Annex and a bunch of products we don't carry in stores should pop up.

The layouts below are just to give you a bit of inspiration! Try scraplifting one of these layouts, which really feature the photo. Hope this helps!

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