I have been asked to cut out vinyl on my cricuit. I have never done this before. What do you need and how would I do it to get the wording to come out correct? Do I need different mat or anything. Any help you can give me would be great. thanks
— momma berry, IN on Jul 26, 2011

Your Cricut should cut vinyl just fine! You don't need a different mat, but it is recommended that you use one that is fairly new, or at least clean. Make sure the pressure isn't set too high, otherwise it might create ripples in your letters. You can also use your regular blade, but you'll have to adjust the settings to get it to cut the way you want it to. We sell some vinyl in stores, but the selection will vary. You can also purchase Cricut's vinyl on the Cricut website (www.cricut.com) Hardware stores and other craft supply stores should also carry vinyl. Hope this helps!