After watching a video tutorial that Archiver's sent in an email, I am very interested in getting a set of Copic Markers. When I went online to purchase them, I found there are at least 3 different types. There are the Ciao, Sketch, and Papercrafting Copic Markers. What are the differences between these types and which type is the best to use for coloring in stamped images for cards/scrapbooking?
— madimommy, IL on Jul 12, 2011

We sell Sketch markers in stores and online, and Ciao and Papercrafting markers on the Annex. It really boils down to a personal preference Since we carry the Sketch markers in stores, those are the ones we use to make samples here at Archiver's and we love how well they color and blend. The paint brush tip makes coloring in large areas and blending really easy. The chisel tip is great for the more details areas. Here is a link to more information from the Copic Markers website: Hope this helps!