Is there a website to get helpful hints on page layouts, or class given by Archiver's, on Military scrapebooks? I've had the books, paper, etc , ready to go, just some hints on what others are doing would be helpful I've been checking the Mall of America and Apple Valley stores with no luck Is there any plans in the future for this type of class? Thanks! Mary
— mary, MN on Jul 07, 2011

Unfortunately, we do not have a class on military scrapbooks. The ideas below are just a couple samples we've made and hopefully will give you a bit of inspiration for your own scrapbooks! Check out the "Project Ideas" page on our website ( for all of the layouts and samples we've made. Even though the pages aren't military themed, you can "ScrapLift" these layouts and make them your own. Change up a color palette, use different embellishments, whatever you want to do to make the layout fit your theme. Hope this helps!

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