my mother wants me to do a scrapbook for the tornado that hit joplin, mo. on may 22. she has about 75 pics. i am at a loss on how and what to do or use. she lost her home and this would mean so much to her. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thank you- roxie seaver (sorry for small caps, i broke my wrist)
— Roxie, MN on Jul 07, 2011

Scrapbooking events such as the tornado in Joplin can be really difficult. It can be a painful topic for a lot of people, so it's best to keep the scrapbook as respectful as possible. Try breaking down the photos you have into groups and scrap them by theme. For example, you might have pictures of the whole town, or of your mother's house, or of the people in the town. Group your photos so you have like photos together. You'll probably want the photos to be the main focus of the album, so keep your background papers subtle so your photos really stand out. Journaling is also very important with an event like this. Ask your mother or people you know in the area about their experiences during the tornado, or maybe a specific memory that goes with a specific photo. Check out the "Project Ideas" tab on the left side of our website for lots of inspiration for layouts. Hope this helps!