My sons shows AKC pugs and has won a lot. I have tons of 8 x 10 win pictures of him, the dog, the judge, and the ribbon. Lots of colors. Any ideas in how to scrapbook them but still have a variety of pages?
— Kim, KY on Jun 29, 2011

We have a few suggestions for you. Choose papers, cardstock or patterned, that match the colors in the photo. If there is a blue ribbon in the photo, choose blue papers so that ribbon really stands out. Patterned papers can add an element of fun to your pages as well. Try using patterned papers as a mat for a photo, or as an accent stripe across the top or bottom of a layout. If you have photos of the event, print some of those in smaller sizes (the Sony Picture Station in our stores is great for that type of thing!) and put those on the same layout or a complementary layout with your 8'' x 10'' photos. There are also tons of options for embellishing your pages. Border punches are a great way to add a little something extra without detracting from the photos. We have tons of designs available in stores and on the Annex! You can also try scrap-lifting a layout or two. We've got tons of ideas on our website (, just click on the Project Ideas tab on the side for lots of inspiration. Hope this helps!