I am scrapbooking my son's 1st year and have so many pages in the postbound 12 x 12 album that the album is flimsy and awkward to hold. I've only scrapped his first 4 months, and despite using multiple photos on each page, I'm already on my 3rd album. Is there any way to make my albums more sturdy without sacrificing the number of pages I put in them and without ending up with 10 albums for his first year? Thanks!
— scraptastic, MI on Jun 13, 2011

The more posts you add to your albums, the less sturdy they become. A trick to keep things braced and supported is to add the thin cardboard spacers between pages. You don't have to add them after every page, but maybe after every five or so. This helps to space the thin binding of the pocket page so that it matches up better with your thicker pages. This should help stabilize your albums. Stop by your local Archiver's anytime and they'll be happy to help you out! Cardboard spacers are also available on the Annex. Hope this helps!