Robin: Does Archivers Castleton, Indianapolis, have a "Cinch" binder tool? If so does it cost to use it? How much? I am fromSouth Bend, IN and the scrapbook store is closing here so they sold their Cinch before I had time to use it. So now I'm not sure what to do with all this stuff I bought to make two books??? Please advise. Thanks, Jan
— jan316, IN on Jun 09, 2011

Our stores do have a Cinch machine that they can demo for you, but unfortunately, it's not for customer use for personal projects. However, you may want to consider investing in the Cinch machine--there are so many things you can do with it! If you regularly save holiday or birthday cards you receive, bind them together to keep them all in one easy-to-find place. Bind together your favorite recipe cards for easy access, school papers you want to save, or postcards and memorabilia from a trip. Or, make fast gifts for family and friends, like a book of photos. Once you start using it, you'll find so many things around your house you can bind together! Hope this helps.

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