Hi Robin, I shop over at the Archiver's in Novi, MI, and I know from the newsletters that they say you can come in and work in their work rooms anytime on any project. Is this true? I have a graduation project where I'll need photocopying onto special papers, a lot of cutting and adhering to an actual art canvas. I want to put things like medals, certificates, school letters, pins, tickets, programs, etc. without damaging the actual pieces. I wanted to do a shadow box, but I won't have enough time. I was also hoping they might have some Novi High School and Michigan State material that I might be able to die-cut and incorporate. Will I be able to use their machines free of charge for my project? I understand I will need to pay for any supplies I use. Please advise, and thanks in advance for your assistance. Heidi
— Heidi, MI on Jun 02, 2011

Yes, our workroom is free to use during store hours and a great place to bring your projects! You get a lot of space to spread out, comfortable chairs, an entire store of inspiration and products at your fingertips, and distraction-free time to work. Space in the workroom is always first-come, first-served, so it's a good idea to arrive early to ensure a spot. We offer lots of great dies that you can use for free, but we ask that you purchase your paper from Archiver's. As far as specific high school or college products, most stores have a little bit of merchandise specific to that location, or if not, you could always use cardstock in school colors to cut letters and shapes from.

On Friday and Saturday nights (5-11 p.m.), we hold crops in our workroom. These crops are free, but if you want to ensure a spot, you need to call the store and pay a $5 reservation fee to save a spot, and you'll then receive a $5 merchandise voucher when you arrive.

Occasionally, there may be other crops or special events that cause the workroom to be closed--your best bet is to call ahead and make sure there's nothing going on on the day you want to work on your projects!

Hope this helps!