Hi Robin, I just purchased Smooch Ink and Spritz but there wasn't much instruction on how to use it. Could you give me some suggestions? Thanks, Gale
— Gale, VA on May 26, 2011

Smooch ink is great for a couple of different things! First of all, you can use it to color in your stamped images. Or, for a different look, paint the color directly onto the stamp, so you're stamping with the paint instead of ink. Smooch inks can also be used to color chipboard pieces or paint directly on your paper. Smooch Spritz is basically a spray ink and can also be used to color chipboard, ribbon, paper flowers, and other embellishments. Or, spray your paper to create your own background designs. It works especially well with the masking technique--take a die-cut or scrap piece of paper in your desired shape and place it on your paper. Spray the entire piece of paper, then lift up your shape. You'll end up with a cool outline in that shape and everything else but the shape will be colored!

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