Robin - I see so many scrapbooking layouts with different sized photos. When I look through my digital photos I always pick ones I want to scrapbook and then have them developed in the standard 4x6 size. I then try to figure out how to place them, sometimes cropping them. However, I notice that many layouts show photos in many different sizes and now wonder how to create a page before I have the photos printed so I can size them in a more creative way. It is kinda like which came first the chicken or the egg? Thanks, Carolyn
— Ladybell19, KS on May 24, 2011

The Sony machine we have in our stores is a quick and easy way to print photos of all sorts of sizes. If you know you want to use different sized photos on a layout, but don't have all of them printed, use some scratch paper or cardstock as place holders so that you can work on your layout without having to wait for photos. Once you have your photos printed, you can just pop them onto your page. Stop by your local Archiver's and they'll be happy to show you the Sony machine and all of its great options. Hope this helps!