I was pretty sure that there wasn't a cover for the Ditto scrapbook - but my assumption was the chipboard cover was made so that you could decorate it - if so - how do you protect what you put on it - or is it not made to be decorated Thanks
— JOYCE A VANCAMP, KS on May 20, 2011

The cover of a Ditto album can certainly be decorated. These books do not come with covers, so you run the risk of the embellishments getting ruined if the book is handled frequently. If the book is going to be displayed on a coffee table, or on a bookshelf, you'll probably be alright adding dimensional embellishments. If the book is going to be passed around a lot, carried around in a bag, or handled often, it might be best to stick with flatter embellishments so that they don't catch on things and get torn off or ruined. We use Mod Podge a lot to seal chipboard album covers. We water it down a bit and then paint it over the top. This should help to seal thing onto the cover. We do not sell contact paper in our stores, nor have we used it on album covers, but it might be an option for you to "seal" the cover. However, some contact paper is not very clear, so it could change the look of your album. Hope this helps!