I have been working on my daughter's baby book for a few years now (I'm a tad bit behind). By now, the 12x12 sheets of paper for the book are super thick. They probably won't all fit into a tradition scrapbook. I would really like to keep them all together, though, and not break them out into separate books. Any suggestions on ways to combine the 12x12 sheets? I'm not really into three ring binders and still love the look of scrapbooks, but do you know of any that are 6 inches or more thick? Best, Jaine
— JaineM, CO on May 18, 2011

Unfortunately, we do not carry any books with bindings that thick. You can add additional posts to your albums, but the more you add, the shakier your book might get. The other option, which you've already said you prefer not to do, would be to create multiple albums. If you decide to go this route, maybe use identical albums so that there is some uniformity to your books. You could also break the books down by year, keeping all the first year pages together, then the second year, etc. Hope this helps!