I have the Big Shot die cutting machine but recently got the Cookie Cutter: Alligator Mini Alphabet set to be used with QuicKutz. I was told this die can be used in my Big Shot...is this true?? And if it is true, can you explain how to do it. I'm a little confused by the ejection foam and the sticky cutting mat that were packaged with it.
— madimommy, IL on May 17, 2011

To use Cookie Cutter dies with the Big Shot, you will need the thick platform, your cutting plates (the plastic pieces you sandwich your dies between), the dies, and a wafer-thin adapter. The adapter is the trick for cutting with Cookie Cutter dies because they are so thin. Here's how to make your "die-cutting sandwich": thick platform on the bottom, then the wafer-thin adapter, then your first plastic cutting plate, then your paper and dies, then the second cutting plate. This should do the trick! Hope this helps!