What do you think is the best paper/photo trimmer to use for scrapbooking? I have difficulty getting the paper to cut straight all the way. The paper is usually wider at the bottom.
— Monique1, GA on Mar 03, 2011

There are a few options out there for trimmers and it really boils down to a personal preference. There are three basic types of trimmers. The first is a rotary trimmer. The blade in that is circular and basically cuts your paper like a pizza cutter cuts a pizza. The blade stays sharper longer because there is more cutting surface to it. The second type is the guillotine, which has a large arm that slices the paper. The trick with this trimmer, is to hold down the plastic cover so it really secures the paper before cutting. The third type is the straight edge trimmer which slices right through your paper kind of like a knife. All three are really great and it's just a matter of what you prefer.