I am scrapbooking my Father-in-Law's WWII experiences. I have his hat and some other bulky items that I would like to include. Do you know of any page protectors that are made to handle "thicker" pages?
— calliesoot, WV on May 12, 2011

Unfortunately, the pocket pages we sell in stores and on the Annex aren't meant for items that thick. However, we sell items from Cropper Hopper that might be a nice addition to your album. Cropper Hopper has envelopes and paper holders that are wider than a pocket page, and might be perfect for your father-in-law's hat and other memorabilia. The only downside is, they don't have holes in the side like a pocket page does. You could always include photos of the items and keep the actual items in archival safe boxes so that they stay preserved and protected. Hope this helps!