I am making a 12 X 12 framed page for my girlfriends 50th birthday party. I have over 20 pictures that I have shrunk to 1-2 inches. I have the number 50 cut out about 8 inches. I have a beige colored paper and the 50 is in glitter black. I was going to have the 50 on the left side and pictures in a mosaic pattern on the right, but it just looks blah! I need this done by next weekend. Do you have any ideas. I took it in to archivers and the lady had an idea I did not like, but she was too busy to help. Please let me know your idea. The colors I am using is a black frame, tan paper, and black sparkly numbers. Thank you if you answer this. I would really appreciate it.
— kaylah1221, MN on May 04, 2011

We have a couple ideas for you. The first is to use pop dots behind some of the photos and the numbers. This will add a bit of dimension to the frame and keep things from being to flat. The second is to add some ribbon, gems, flowers, any embellishment that you think will fit the look of your frame. Prima has a lot of great pre-designed gem and pearl designs and also a bunch of really cool flowers. Adding a few gems or small flowers might be just the touch your frame needs. You could also put a fun patterned paper behind the "50" so that the number really stand out. Hope this helps!