Hi Robin! I've made a 12x12 album of my grandmother's funeral and all the family pics. I would like to be able to scan the pages and save each page as a picture to make a digital album at Shutterfly. Do you know if this is possible? I obviously can't make a bunch of albums for our large family. Thanks so much for your help.
— psiltala, WI on Apr 22, 2011

Unfortunately, the Sony Picture Station scanner available for use in Archiver's stores is not large enough to scan a 12x12 page. The Canon Copier in our stores will copy 12x12 pages and the quality is fantastic. However, you would be making copies instead of scanning them into digital files. These copies would just need to be trimmed down, and they'll fit right into a 12x12 album. To scan your pages and create a digital album will require a scanner big enough to handle your pages.