Hi Robin! I am a huge fan of Distress Inks. Now I see there are Distress Stains. Is it really necessary to have both? What can I do with the Stains that I can't do with the Inks? Thanks! Julie
— mamajuju, MI on Apr 18, 2011

Distress Stains are a liquid, water-based dye that makes covering large areas a breeze. They come in the same colors as Distress Inks, so they work great with all of the Distress products (stickles, embossing powders, crackle paint, etc.). The colors are set the way they are, so they won't be darker or lighter the more you add. The more stain you apply to something, the more saturated the color will be. They're fantastic for covering pieces of Kraft Resist paper (another Tim Holtz product we love) or ribbon, fabric, wood embellishments, canvas, you name it. They also don't require an applicator like the Distress Inks and give you smooth even coverage no matter what surface you're applying them too. We really love the stains (and every other Tim Holtz product out there)! Hope this helps!