What pens do you recommend that will not bleed through card stock? Thanks. Mary
— MeMaryCards, MN on Feb 27, 2012

It all depends on how you're using the pens and what paper you're writing on. We use Zig Writers and LePens for a lot of our journaling on all types of papers. If you're just journaling, these pens work great and don't bleed very often. However, it all depends on how hard you write, how fast or slow you write, etc. If you're coloring a stamped image, for example, you run the risk of the ink bleeding through with just about any pen or marker, especially if you're layering and blending colors. If we're creating a project where we know something will bleed through, we usually write/color on a separate piece of cardstock, cut the image to the size we want, and then adhere it to the actual project. Then you can't see the image through the other side. Hope this helps!