I am hosting a bridal shower away from home. I will be flying, so I would like to create some easy-to-travel party favors (ie thankyou for coming to the shower, door prizes, decorations etc). The shower is in May so I don't have a lot of time to make/create. What ideas do you have? Thanks, Carmy Rotar, WI
— credrotar, WI on Apr 16, 2011

We have a few ideas for you! The samples below are just suggestions and could be changed to fit the theme of the shower. Mini cards are adorable and it takes no time at all to make a bunch of them! If you made a bunch using all sorts of paper and embellishments, you could use those as thank yous or even as favors or prizes for the guests. Banner flags are really popular this year and can be made in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Bring some ribbon or string with you and you can assemble it at the party, so that way the flags will stay flat in your bag or suitcase. The rosette "cake" is another cute idea, too. It too can be made from papers that match the theme and could be assembled at the party. Hope this helps get you started!

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