I have a new book with 24 pages and I screwed on the extenders but I don't know how to reassemble it, what to do with all the cardboard pieces with 3 holes and especially the piece of stiff paper at the end. Should have paid more attention taking it apart but that was months ago. Can you explain or should I bring the whole thing into a store for assistance? Thank you, Katy
— Kcoolid, MN on Feb 21, 2012

The cardboard pieces with the three holes are called spacers. These are important for keeping the spine of your book stable when it's all put together. Some people like to put a spacer between every five pages, others use them more often, and other less often. It all depends on how thick your book ends up. You can certainly bring in your album to your local Archiver's for some "book surgery". They'll be able to show you how to layer the pages and put the book back together. Hope this helps!