I have never created a scrapbook persay. Others I know have and got me jazzed up about creating one for my son last year. He was a high school senior. I started a front page, gathered tons of school memorabilia, but have not found the courage or confidence to really go for it. I am just overwhelmed about how to do it, there is so much to capture, so many memories, and so many achievements. Now he is almost through his first year of college and I still have nothing started. I want it to be something we both can be proud of. How can I get started? Sincerely, Kelley Gonzales
— kjgonzales, CO on Feb 20, 2012

Getting started can definitely be overwhelming! You're not alone in that feeling, we promise! We have a few tips for you to help you get started.

1. You don't have to scrap every single photo. Choose your favorites, the ones with the most meaning, or the ones you think are the best from the different events you want to scrap. You can either toss the rest, or save them for another project.
2. Choose paper and embellishments to fit the theme and match your photos. We have great school and sports sections in our stores, which makes it super easy to find papers and embellishments for these pages. Another great idea is to choose your papers and embellishments to match your photos. For example, if your son is wearing a yellow shirt in a photo, you could mat the photo with yellow cardstock to make it stand out.
3. Journal. Grab some scratch paper or a notebook and just start writing down your memories. Ask your son to do the same. This way, when you get to scrapping all of the events, you will have a starting point for writing down the who, what, when, where, etc.

To make it even easier on you, check out the Simple Stories kits from Memory Works. Here's a link to our "How To": http://www.archiversonline.com/articles/how-do-i-use-simple-stories-kits-to-scrapbook-my-memories-fast

Stop by your local Archiver's anytime and they'll be more than happy to help you find everything you need to get started! We also have a great "Start Scrapbooking!" guide available for free in stores. Plus, we have all sorts of ideas on our website: http://www.archiversonline.com/ideas

Hope this helps!