I am wanting to make a 7 Gypsies artist tray for my sister's graduation party this year. What types of paper and embellishments should I use? I really like the ones in the example sent to me via email.
— jadeler99, OH on Apr 14, 2011

The great thing about trays is it's totally up to you! If you're making a tray for a graduation party, maybe you want to use graduation papers that have 2011 on them and maybe some cardstock and other embellishments in your sister's school colors. If she plays a sport or is in a choir or a band, you could make a themed tray based around an activity she's involved in. Make sure you check out the Paper Wizard laser cuts! They have titles like "Senior" and "Class of 2011" and all sorts of different options. Check out the ideas below for more inspiration!

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