I am in charge of coordinating our Golf Club's bulletin board for our Women's Golf League. It is an old and worn "cork" board. I want to do a "birdie" tree. The leaf part I have figured out...when someone makes birdie on a hole I would write their name on a leaf (which I have die cut several of at Archivers) and start hanging leaves on the branches. I'm stuck on how to do the tree. I free hand cut a tree out of cardstock and it didn't look so good. Any ideas?
— jlubovarnold, MN on Feb 13, 2012

Check out the card below. The "branch" on the flower was created by crumpling and twisting a paper bag. You could certainly do the same thing to create a tree, either using a paper bag or cardstock. It might make it a bit easier to shape the paper if you spritz it with a bit of water first. If that doesn't fit the look you're going for, you could try again to cut out a tree shape from cardstock. Try inking the edges with some brown chalk ink or drawing in lines to create the look of bark (colored pencils might be a good idea - markers might be too dark). Use your favorite search engine to look up tree ideas for even more inspiration. Hope this helps!

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