Hi Robin, My Mom passed away January 7, 2012 and I would like to create a scrap book in her memory. How do I know how many pictures to use? How much is enough? How much is too much? Any tips on what would make it really special?
— Muriel, GA on Feb 07, 2012

We're very sorry for your loss and we love that you want to create a scrapbook to honor your mother's memory. It really is a matter of personal preference and how you want the book to look once it's finished. You could make it simple and do one picture per page and then journal about the photo or a memory of your mother. You could put multiple photos on some pages and single photos on others. What will make it most special for you and your family are the memories. Ask family members or friends to share their memories of your mother to include in the scrapbook. It could be an entire paragraph telling a story, or a short one liner. They don't all have to be serious stories - sometimes the funny ones are the favorites! You could also include any memorabilia that fits with a story or belonged to your mother. Hope this helps!