I am putting together a wooden tray for my Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary. I have a napkin from their wedding that I would like to display in one section of the tray, but am not sure how to go about copying it (don't want to use their only original). There is a small design along with their names on the napkin and I want to somehow copy that over to possibly another napkin or paper. Since 50th is "gold" I was hoping to copy the original napkin onto something and somehow change the silver writing to gold. Is there any way you know of to do this? Do you have any other suggestions or ideas for the tray? I have a wedding photo, recent photo and a few various embellishments so far.
— Julie Ydstie, ND on Feb 03, 2012

We have a great copier available for use in our stores. You could scan the original napkin onto a flash drive and then use a photo editing software to change the color from silver to gold. We use a version of Adobe Photoshop for all of our photo editing. If you bring in the edited image (saved as a jpeg) you can print it on the copier in stores. Unfortunately, we do not have experience with printing on napkins in our stores. We suggest checking with a specialty printing shop for more information about printing on napkins. As for additional embellishments, you could include number or letter stickers to denote the date of their wedding or maybe include the readings or songs from the service. If you have the time, you could have family and friends write a little love note and include those in a pocket or envelope on the tray. Hope this helps!