I purchased a Teresa Collins Sports II chipboard album and Sports II package. I was assuming that the album also included the shaped pages made out of chipboard but it does not. (In case you are wondering I've never used chpboard before. :-)) My question is, may I use just cardstock or scrapbook paper for the pages by tracing the cover onto the pages and cutting them by hand? Or what would a better method be? Thank you for your help!
— ScrappinLisa17, IA on Jan 30, 2012

You can definitely trace the chipboard onto patterned paper and use those as pages! We've done that with chipboard albums and it works just fine! You could also trace the chipboard shapes onto chipboard and create your own chipboard pages. The only problem would be that chipboard can be really hard to cut through. We also really like to use Super Tape to adhere patterned paper to chipboard. It's super strong adhesive, and keeps your paper in place! Hope this helps!